Industry Leaders to Raise Web Hosting Standards

The Web Host Guild has
just been formed as a
professional organization that certifies web hosts with a seal of approval
if they continuously meet stringent certification criteria.

To become a
Guild member, hosts must pass a
lengthy evaluation and then be voted into the Guild by the board of directors.

With the induction of the Web Host Guild, consumers will now have a means of
evaluating and comparing the many thousands of web host companies before
spending thousands of dollars with a host they think may be a match. By
selecting a
Guild member, consumers can feel confident that the company and its
services have
been thoroughly examined and found to be a credible and reliable host.

Web host companies who submit an application for membership will undergo a
series of questioning regarding Customer Support, Technical Support,
Payment Options,
Features, Usage/Access Logs, Reliability and Company Background.

Web host companies
that meet the criteria will be voted into the organization and given a Seal of
Approval that signifies their commitment to quality service. Each member
will be
reviewed by the board on a quarterly basis and must uphold the Web Host
Guild standards to remain
a member in good standing.

The Web Host Guild has a number of hosting companies on its board of
directors, including Concentric Network,
Hiway Technologies, Sage Networks, Worldwide Internet, Web 2010, Sumo,
Inc., and

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