infoShark, Accelr8 Technology Join Forces

XML delivery solutions vendor, infoShark and Accelr8 Technology Corp. Wednesday announced a cooperative bundling and marketing agreement.

Accelr8 Technology seeks to help organizations preserve their investment
in legacy VMS systems. inoShark specializes in XML-based data delivery
solutions for e-businesses.

The two companies will begin shipping product bundles of infoShark’s
XMLShark and Accelr8’s (ACLY) XML for RMS during the second quarter of 2000.

“Uniting infoShark’s XMLShark with XML for RMS gives organizations the
advantage of adding legacy VMS data to other infoShark relational data,”
said Barbara Bouldin, CEO and president of infoShark, in a statement
released by the company.

XMLShark is built on the foundation of infoShark’s XML Card Schema. The
Card Schema is a standard that supports the bi-directional exchange of
relational data between disparate formats and vertical industries via the
Internet. The XML Card Schema models relational data in XML along with all
the properties that make it a relational database, such as foreign keys and

When the relational data is pushed out to the Internet to be used,
shared, and changed, it can be returned to its original source. XMLShark
solutions automate the process for sharing data between different data
formats and also automate the sharing of XML data between industries.

Accelr8’s XML for RMS, is an easy-to-use software package that allows
organizations that have invested heavily in VMS to read data from their
legacy VMS/RMS data files. For enterprises that plan to continue to run
mission-critical legacy applications on their Alpha, and even in some
instances VAX platforms, XML for RMS is a perfect solution to a business
problem that requires fast and reliable implementation.

infoShark’s solutions are currently used in Fortune 500 companies across
a variety of industry segments. Customers include Chase Manhattan Bank,
Qwest, Home Shopping Network, Naviant, and the Internal Revenue Service.
Products aim to provide organizations with XML solutions that liberate data
and deliver just-right, bi-directional data, at the right time and in the
right format for e-business applications.

Accelr8 Technology offers a variety of systems modernization solutions,
including products, training, consulting and engineering services, as well
as a range of business-to-business implementation services designed to help
enterprises with VMS environments integrate their legacy systems with their
Internet, e-commerce and business-to-business objectives. Such services
include installation, training, data analysis, business analysis, custom
design, data replication, Java-based application design, and legacy

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