Interleaf 7 Enables Developers to Publish in HTML and More

Interleaf, Inc. Thursday announced the release of Interleaf 7 (I7), a next-generation e-content publishing solution that allows users to author and publish complex documents to a large variety of Web and e-content formats, including HTML, XML, SGML or PDF.

With the release of I7, Interleaf hopes to eliminate the need to tie content creation to a specific publishing format. Interleaf’s I7 publishing solution was created based on the growing demand for “electronic Web content to enable high-end complex publishing, relationship management and e-commerce initiatives for Global 2000 organizations.” The tool provides multi-platform interoperability, multi-channel publishing and scaleable publishing tools that support all of the current Web standards.

New features in this release of Interleaf include:

  • e-content publishing formats – directly publish to the Web without using separate publishing tools
  • PDF – publish directly to PDF
  • HTML – publish directly to HTML
  • XML – publish directly to XML
  • SGML – publish directly to SGML
  • Postscriptp – publish directly to Postscript
  • CD-ROM – the optional Panorama CDWeb Publisher enables ASCII, PDF and tagged SGML, HTML or XML files to be mastered to CD-ROM and updated via the Web

I7 works equally well on small jobs, such as reports, pamphlets or handbooks, or large, 10,000-page mega-books. Changes in the visual interface provide new and existing users with immediate productivity improvements, such as an automated “product tour” for beginners and document templates for standard business documents and complex multi-level books.

I7 will be available on a variety of Unix and Windows platforms in English, French, German and Italian. Existing Interleaf 5 and Interleaf 6 maintenance customers may upgrade to I7 at no cost, while new users can purchase the product for $1395. For additional infomation, visit the Interleaf Web site.

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