ISS, Network Assoc. Tackle Online Security Threats

Network Associates said it is getting a helping hand in fighting Internet security threats from Atlanta-based Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS) .

The two companies Thursday signed strategic alliance to deliver integrated security products and services. The deal is expected to combine Santa Clara, Calif.-based Network Associates’ Sniffer and McAfee software lines with ISS’s RealSecure intrusion detection technology. Financial terms of the deal were not discussed.

The idea is to use each company’s various technology strengths to give customers better protection from online hybrid threats.

“This alliance is a result of our maniacal focus on delivering world-class technology to keep our customers’ networks secure and available,” said Network Associates chairman and CEO George Samenuk. “Integrating our market-leading technology, Network Associates and ISS will look to create the industry’s strongest options for defending against the full spectrum of hybrid Internet threats.”

ISS and Network Assoc. also said they would develop a cooperative research initiative, bringing together Internet Security Systems’ X-Force security research organization and core protection knowledgebase, and Network Associates’ NAI Labs, AVERT (Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team) Labs and COVERT (Computer Vulnerability Emergency Response Team) Labs.

Researchers in each group will collaborate on responses to rapidly evolving threats, advancing and supporting existing intrusion detection, anti-virus and computer vulnerability technology to protect and defend customer networks around the globe.

“Network Associates and Internet Security Systems share a common vision of delivering comprehensive protection solutions capable of keeping up with today’s rapidly changing threat environment,” said ISS chairman and CEO Tom Noonan.

Noonan said the cooperative research effort between the two companies would support future product development efforts, while the launch of broad global marketing and sales initiatives will support new combined offerings.

No word on when the combined products would be released or when the X-Force/AVERT/COVERT alliance would begin.

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