Adds Browser Based ASP Solutions this morning at Fall Internet World 99announced the release of additional browser-based application service provider solutions: iTOOL 2.0, iEDIT 2.0, Web Based iTOOL E-mail and iTOOL’s Enterprise Suite 2.0. provides developers with e-commerce Web site creation tools and its e-business solution and hosting service. iTOOL believes that these new ASP products will enable to provide solutions to make e-commerce, Web development and site management even easier.

iTOOL 2.0 now features the iTOOL wizard, with features and functionality that enables beginners to take advantage of these new tools that are integrated within the back-end of the iTOOL system. iTOOL 2.0’s architecture provides additional support for ASP solutions like iEDIT 2.0, a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” (WYSIWYG) Web page editor. This release has added new features including:

  • Multiple undo and redo of edits
  • Drag and drop images, table and text
  • Image and table resizing
  • Object layering and exact positioning

A new Web-based email program is also included with iTOOL 2.0. iTOOL E-mail provides a Web-based email solution for Web sites. The iTOOL Enterprise Suite 2.0 is being released with a rapid installation process, and also more fully supports existing ASP services or additional solutions that are being integrated with the iTOOL system.

iTOOL 2.0, iEDIT 2.0, and iTOOL’s Enterprise Suite 2.0 are directly from the iTOOL Web site. Web-based iTOOL E-mail will be available in early fourth quarter.

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