Jabber Rolls Out APIs and Source Code

Jabber Inc., which develops software for extensible instant messaging (IM), said it is making available the source code for two new software components designed to speed the development of applications on both commercial and open source Jabber servers.

Now available at no cost is the source code from:

  • Jabber External Component Libraries (JECL), a set of programming interfaces for building Jabber server applications. JECL 1.0 provides a programming interface to build applications that take advantage of Jabber’s extensible XML messaging platform. Examples are directory services and collaborative applications. JECL enables developers to create applications that are distributed across multiple servers in a cluster, scaling to hundreds of thousands of users and providing fault tolerance through redundancy.

  • Server Connection Manager (SCM), which enables server-to-server connectivity between any Jabber networks. SCM 1.0 enables Jabber servers anywhere on the network to communicate peer to peer. The result is that Jabber Instant Messaging users in an enterprise or service provider can seamlessly exchange messages in real time with Jabber users connected to Jabber servers run by other organizations. This software is intended to accelerate connectivity amongst the more than 50,000 Jabber servers installed worldwide.

Developers interested in taking advantage of the Jabber offer can download JECL and SCM components either from here (Tigris.org, a mid-sized open source community) or here (Jabber’s own developer site).

Jabber Inc. is a commercial software company associated with the Jabber Open Source Project. Contribution of source code for these commercially developed components, for use at no cost by other Jabber developers, is part of Jabber Inc.’s continued efforts to promote the use of the Jabber protocol
and extensible messaging technology, officials said.

More than 50,000 Jabber servers are deployed worldwide, the company added.

Denver-based Jabber’s investors include Webb Interactive Services, Inc. and France Telecom .

Bob Woods is the managing editor of InstantMessagingPlanet.com.

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