Java EE 7 Moves Forward

The next major version of Java is gearing up.

The Executive Committee of the Java Community Process has approved the request that will create Java EE 7. Among the key things that Java EE 7 will provide are new capabilities that are geared for cloud deployments.

“Java EE is the most pervasive programming model in the market and these new capabilities will enable Java applications to run in cloud settings,” Craig Muzilla, vice president of Red Hat’s Middleware Business Unit told “Scheduled queuing and scheduled notification will enable easier deployment and elastic scaling and multi-tenancy features will make it easier to take advantage of public and private clouds.”

Among the new specifications inside of Java 7 are a number of new and enhanced APIs that will make it easier for developers to be more productive. Muzilla noted that CDI 1.1 (JSR 299) will be enhanced, making programming Java applications much easier. JSR 339, the Java API for Restful Web services, also increases flexibility and makes interoperability much easier. Mobile applications will benefit from Web Sockets and HTML5 support.

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Java 7 EE Specification Request Approved

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