JBoss Founder Leaves Red Hat

JBoss founder Marc Fleury is leaving Red Hat.

Red Hat said in a statement sent to internetnews.com that Fleury has decided to leave the company to pursue other personal
interests, such as teaching, research in biology, music and his family.

Marc Fleury

Marc Fleury.

Source: Red Hat

“I have done what I can to help Red Hat succeed,” Fleury said in the statement. “People need to understand that open source is a tsunami that is transforming the software industry in its wake and its inevitability is now well beyond challenge or the force of individual personality.”

Fleury has been on paternity leave for the past several months and rumors
had been circulating in open source circle that he was unlikely to return.

Fleury joined Red Hat as part of its $350 million acquisition of JBoss in April. The buy sparked mixed reaction from analysts.

Fleury had been critical of Red Hat before joining the company. In a 2004 blog
posting, now available only on Google’s cache, Fleury wrote that “RH [Red Hat] is a PACKAGER, not a technology
house … it doesn’t create JACK, it doesn’t create Linux, it wraps it up in
proprietary s***. And no the contributions that they make
don’t really count. Linus Torvalds creates Linux.”

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