JDesignerPro to Support IBM’s DB2 Universal Database

BulletProof Corporation announced that its Java intranet product, JDesignerPro 2.51, now fully supports IBM’s DB2 Universal Database.

JDesignerPro is a integrated development environment for Java business applications that access databases such as the DB2 Universal Database. By using JDesignerPro’s Data Wizards and point-and-click interface, DB2 users are able to build and manage Java Intranet applications.

The new version of the DB2 Universal Database is a multimedia, Web-ready
package that enables users to instantly access the latest information. The
database is capable of dealing with the information processing requirements of both high-end and low-end customers.

The DB2 Universal Database is available for Microsoft Windows NT, OS/2 and UNIX platforms, and includes built-in Java support that enables developers to quickly design and create database applications.

You can download a free trial version of BulletProof’s JDesignerPro 2.51 from
the BulletProof Web site, or you can download it from Internet.com’s Java Boutique Java IDE Demo area.

For more information about JDesignerPro, visit the BulletProof Web site.

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