LaGarde Introduces StoreFront E-Commerce for MS FrontPage

LaGarde, Incorporated this week announced the release of its StoreFront E-Commerce for Microsoft FrontPage, a product that enables developers to develop e-commerce solutions using Microsoft’s FrontPage and IIS products.

LaGarde is targeting the point-and-click development tool at potential users looking to get into the electronic commerce market.

Electronic commerce-enabled sites developed with StoreFront allow
shoppers to select items and–when they are ready to order–they simply click the order button to purchase the items from the StoreFront Web store. The orders are then tracked and managed by the StoreFront server components running on Microsoft’s Internet Information Server.

StoreFront is a two-tier application. The first tier includes the tools that
are installed in the Microsoft FrontPage Explorer and Editor. StoreFront’s
first tier features include Product Bots, Order Confirmation Bots and other
StoreFront tools that are available from the FrontPage menu.

Additionally, StoreFront includes a built-in search engine that will
dynamically generate catalog pages from the backend MS SQL database.

StoreFront’s second tier is composed of Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP)
application files.

StoreFront E-Commerce sells for a retail price of $195, and is available from
the StoreFront Web site. A trial version is also available from the site at no charge. For more information about StoreFront E-Commerce, visit the LaGarde Web site.

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