LogicLibrary Adds ‘Smart Controls’ To SOA

Software development tools maker LogicLibrary is adding corporate
governance tools to its service oriented architecture toolbox.

The provider of software development asset tools said its latest
Logidex 3.6 comes with a Smart Controls feature that makes it possible
for organizations to govern the production process for reusable
components, Web services and other SDAs within a service-oriented
architecture .

The release comes as companies of all sizes are faced
with data-retention rules such as Sarbanes-Oxley. LogicLibrary said
its Smart Controls feature in Logidex 3.6 users helps users define and
manage software development lifecycle (SDLC) validations, processes
and roles related to all software development assets.

The goal is to be able to see information that is actionable, and
automated either entirely within Logidex or mixed with a customer’s
external tools. In addition, LogicLibrary said Logidex 3.6 includes
integration with LogicLibrary’s code-scanning technology Logiscan,
expanded IDE support, additional integration with the IBM Rational
Software Development Platform, and support for Firefox.

Plus, Logidex’s Federated Repository feature enables IT
organizations to automatically share selected assets across
interconnected libraries, company officials said.

Greg Coticchia, CEO of LogicLibrary, said the support for the
distribution of reusable SDAs both enterprise-wide and across multiple
lines of business is a key ingredient of the SOA governance process.

“The more a customer can manage, the greater their value and
payback will be — and no other solution provides greater
out-of-the-box management of software development assets than

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