Macromedia Releases Web-Based Printing Kit

Macromedia this week released the Flash 4 Print Authoring Software Development
Kit, a new way for developers to use Macromedia Flash to deliver print capabilities for e-business Web

The Flash 4 Print Authoring Software Development Kit is designed to bring
high-quality printing and control to an area now marred with low-quality
printing and confusion, a statement issued by Macromedia (MACR) said.

This new technology is designed to enable consumers to print high-quality
content seamlessly as they browse sites using Macromedia Flash.

Examples of how this technology can be used include Web-based coupons
intended to drive
online users to stores with trackable incentives, online greeting cards, ad
printing that prints the unseen information behind the banner and
vector-based city and street maps.

The Flash 4 Print Authoring Software Development Kit is now available free to
registered Flash 4 users. A free download of the
Flash Player can be obtained from Macromedia as well. Flash 4 is available
for Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and MacOS, and is priced at around $299. An
upgrade to Flash 4 can be purchased for $129.

Flash ships with most leading operating systems, media players, and Web
browsers, including Windows 98, Mac OS 9, America Online 4.0, WebTV, Apple
QuickTime, RealNetworks’ RealPlayer, and current versions of Netscape
Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Flash Player is available for
the Macintosh, Windows, Solaris, Java, Linux, and IRIX platforms.

Macromedia has published the Flash file format as an open Web standard
since 1998. Macromedia also makes the Flash Player source code available at
no cost to platform and device developers, in an attempt to further extend
Flash’s reach.

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