Mainstay Releases JustMail, Java Email Client Applet

Mainstay this week
released JustMail, a secure Java-based client which can access a user’s
e-mail account using only their Web browser.

JustMail is a Java applet which is embedded on a Web page. Users go to the
page with the JustMail client, enter their name and password, and click
“Connect.” The JustMail applet opens in a separate window, and allows users
to send and receive e-mail messages as they continue to browse the Web.
JustMail supports any Web server that has an e-mail server running on the
same machine, and requires no additional software.

JustMail is not an e-mail service such as Yahoo or Hotmail, but rather it
uses your visitor’s existing e-mail account. This ensures a user’s privacy
and security; the user’s personal information, e-mail name and password are
never revealed or stored on the remote system.

The JustMail client displays the user’s e-mail in a free-floating window.
Reading a message is accomplished by selecting a message (or group of
messages) from an e-mail message list. The applet is fast and at only 29 KB
in size, it downloads quickly, even for those users with slow modems.

A commercial version of JustMail is available for $39.95, single user, and
$495 for corporate or educational site licenses. JustMail is also available
as a free promotional version which shows a “self-promotion” line at the
end of every e-mail which is sent using the applet. To download the demo
version, or for additional information, visit the Mainstay Web site.

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