MaxSol Unveils Browser-Based Business Toolkit for Extranets

MaxSol, Inc. today introduced [email protected]
2.0, the first completely 100% browser-based development toolkit to build
business intelligence (BI) applications that can be deployed on extranets.

The product is both Java-independent and “cookie-free.”

In an interview with Tony Giroti, president of MaxSol, Inc., we were told
that [email protected] provides for tight security so that developers don’t have
to work up their own.

You can block certain views of data by groups, for
instance, and the changes go “live” instantly. This security resides
outside your business logic, so that you can show certain users (such as
wholesalers) a particular set of prices that others won’t see.

Development is said to be fully point-and-click and far beyond what tools
like Visual Basic provide. The toolkit consists of a set of five core
modules that enable extranet reporting, multi-tier security, database page
development, personalized data and the ability to push database content via

The modules include:

  • Extranet reporting–a plug-and-play module that offers instant
    extranet-based reporting and ad hoc querying to end users. Developers and
    end users can also build 2D and 3D charts.
  • Multi-layer access control security–a built-in multi-tier security system
    that enables developers to control which users or groups have access to
    information and the extent of their user privileges, including limiting
    access to certain data portions, tables, fields and data slices of the
    database. [email protected] 2.0 is compatible and complementary with existing
    security systems.
  • Database page development–a plug-and-play module that enables developers
    and browser-savvy users to very quickly build database-intense Web pages
    that retrieve dynamic data from heterogeneous databases.
  • Personalized data–a plug-and-play module that resides on a Web site or
    extranet application that allows end-users to personalize content from
    databases. Such personalization is not limited to HTML pages; end users
    can pick and choose the database content in a simple, non-technical way.
  • Push database content via email–a plug-and-play module that allows
    end-users to have database content pushed to their email.

MaxSol’s [email protected] 2.0 will be available in June 1998. A development
license for two concurrent users is $995. A runtime license with four
concurrent users and 40 named users is $3,995.

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