Mercury Interactive to Announce Astra SiteManager 2.0

Mercury Interactive Corp. will announce version 2.0 of its site management tool, Astra SiteManager next week at the Internet & Electronic Commerce Conference in New York.

New functionality in the upcoming version includes the ability to schedule unattended Web site scans, create customized HTML-based reports, and predict download times for an accurate forecast of Web site performance before the site is deployed.

Astra SiteManager is a visual Web site management tool that was designed to meet the challenges typically faced by Webmasters and business managers in charge of rapidly growing Web sites with constantly changing content. The tool scans an entire site, highlighting areas with color-coded links and URLs to provide a complete visual map of the Web site.

New functionality provided in Astra SiteManager 2.0 includes:

  • Automated Scheduling and Scanning – For the first time, webmasters
    can schedule automated Web site scans to track changes to an organizations
    Web site and identify broken links on a daily or hourly basis. Scans may
    be scheduled during off-peak hours to save time and conserve bandwidth for
  • Customizable Web Reporting – HTML-based reports including page
    analysis and download time based on modem speeds
  • Browser View – a new browser view is embedded within Astra
    SiteManager so users can display specific pages in the site map
  • Download time predictor – predict download time for various modem speeds to “flag” problematic or slow pages
  • Spell Check – spell checks each Web page during scans

Astra SiteManager 2.0 is integrated with the latest version of LoadRunner which enables the creation of load test scenarios from server log files. Astra SiteManager maps a site’s traffic patterns to create load tests which portray real-life user behavior, enabling sites to predict system behavior and performance before deploying the site to real users.

Astra SiteManager 2.0 will be available for Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0. For additional information, visit the Mercury Interactive Web site.

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