Metrowerks Unveils Palm OS 5 Toolset

Metrowerks is coming out with a new toolset for the Palm software
development community, which will enable new applications for Palm’s next
generation handheld devices hitting the market.

Metrowerks new CodeWarrior Development Studio for the Palm OS Platform,
Version 9.0, will be available on December 20, and utilize a built-in ARM
compiler, which is expected to improve the pace of encrypting data and
rendering fonts, as well as creating more sophisticated applications.

The Metrowerks toolset also includes a new drag and drop feature, which will
allow users to easily design and manipulate user interfaces in real-time on
their screens.

The Object Library for Palm OS, a C++ class library, is also included in
Metrowerks toolset, along with an “application wizard” to assist developers
to create applications for Palm’s next generation devices.

Metrowerks CodeWarrior Development Studio for Palm OS Platform, Version 9.0,
and will have a suggested retail price of $399 per license, a $100 price cut
for Version 8.0.

Palm has been slow to release its next generation handheld computer, and has
recently begun shipping the Tungsten T, which includes a high-resolution
display with its 65,000-color reflective thin film transistors, ARM
microprocessor and 32-bit operating system, differentiating it from
Microsoft’s PocketPC operating system.

The Tungsten T has begun shipping and costs around $499 with 16MB of RAM and
a variety of features, including Bluetooth radio. The new Palm device also
utilizes the Palm 5 operating system. The Tungsten T uses an ARM-based Texas
Instruments OMAP1510 processor, a departure from
Motorola’s DragonBall architecture, utilized on previous
Palm devices.

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