Microsoft Previews Silverlight 5

What’s the future of Silverlight, Microsoft’s streaming media software? The company has invested heavily in the platform since it was announced three years ago as a competitor to Adobe’s Flash.

Since then, Silverlight’s had plenty of pickup, but Flash has continued to flourish as well. Meanwhile, the emerging HTML5 standard has garnered plenty of interest from a wide range of developers, including Microsoft which has committed to supporting it in the Internet Explorer browser.

So where does that leave Silverlight? Code Guru explores the issue.

Despite fears among some developers that Microsoft’s streaming media technology is being phased out, the company Thursday demonstrated new features coming next year in Silverlight 5 that it hopes will put the rumors to rest.

Silverlight 5, which will add 40 new features, is slated to start beta testing in the first half of next year, with final delivery scheduled by the end of 2011,

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Microsoft Shows Silverlight 5 But Questions Remain

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