MKS Announces MKS Source Integrity Select Edition for the Web

Mortice Kern Systems
Thursday released MKS Source Integrity Select Edition, the latest
product to be released as a part of the MKS Integrity Framework enterprise
software management solution.

MKS Source Integrity Select Edition is designed for small and mid-sized
development teams. The product features MKS’s innovative Web browser
interface, which provides development teams with the ability to link remote
workers into one unified software configuration management system.

This release of MKS Source Integrity Select Edition includes:

  • An
    innovative Web Interface which allows remote access
  • Protected
    independent workspaces (called Sandbox environments) which enable
    developers to work on a duplicate set of files without affecting the master
    software project
  • Integration with development environments, including
    PowerBuilder, Microsoft Visual Basic, Oracle Developer/2000, Microsoft
    Visual C++, Haht Hahtsite, Microsoft Visual J++, Symantec Visual Cafe,
    Borland C++, Borland Delphi and Watcom C++
  • Post release maintenance, a
    security and administration module, NT archive security, customizable
    views, project checkpointing, graphical reporting and event triggers for
    workflow and communications

MKS also announced a competitive trade-up program which allows users to
“trade-up” competitive products that they have purchased. In exchange for
the product licenses, diskettes, and CDs, the user will receive the full
MKS product at a significantly reduced cost.

MKS Source Integrity Select sells for a retail price of $899 for a single
user license.

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