Mobile Devs Get Help With License Compliance

Open source has been a great boon to developers, giving them ready access to the code they need to build new applications and a community that quickly identifies bugs and security issues. One area where open source has thrived is mobile. Google’s fast-growing Android platform, for example, is built on open source.

But while readily available, open source has its own set of compliance requirements. reports the results of a new analysis of Google Android and Apple App store applications that shows a great many mobile apps use open source components. The article also details a new service from OpenLogic that’s designed to help mobile developers identify the open source components so they can more easily spot where compliance requirements come into play.

Open source licenses are being widely used inside of mobile app store applications, according to a new study from software services and support vendor OpenLogic.

OpenLogic analyzed over 450 Apple App Store and Google Android apps and found that 88 percent of Android and 41 percent of Apple iOS apps had an open source component. The data helps underscore OpenLogic’s new commercial service called OLEX App Store edition, which is intended to help enable App Store developers and managers to identify and maintain compliance with open source licensing requirements.

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License Compliance Tool for Mobile Open Source Developers

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