Mozilla, Google in Dustup Over Chrome Plug-in

Netstat -vat by Sean Michael Kerner (bio)

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From the ‘Mozilla Agreeing with Microsoft‘ files:

Microsoft and Mozilla are two organizations that tend not to agree on many different topics. When it comes to Google’s Chrome Frame, it’s a different story.

Mitchell Baker Chair of the Mozilla Foundation has come out swinging against Chrome Frame, which is a plug-in for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer providing Google Chrome rendering technology. Microsoft has said that Chrome Frame isn’t a good thing and Mozilla’s Baker sees it as leading to further browser fragmentation as well.

Baker sees Chrome Frame leading to a ‘browser soup’ where users (and developers to some extent) are using a ‘soup’ of browser components which could lead to control and potential security issues.

“I predict positive results will not be enduring and — to the extent it is adopted — Chrome Frame will end in growing fragmentation and loss of control for most of us, including web developers,” Baker blogged.

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