MySQL Preps for LinuxWorld with Veritas, SGI Pacts

Open-source database maker MySQL AB Wednesday said it has inked
Linux-oriented deals with Veritas, SGI and others to wrap its software with major products from those companies.

The news comes days before the kick-off of LinuxWorld Conference and Expo 2003 in San Francisco, where Mountain View, Calif.’s Veritas and SGI
plan to unveil their technology integration, marketing and support for MySQL, along with similar agreements with Computer Associates , Arkeia and Emic Networks.

MySQL, which has been gaining momentum as a low-cost alternative for small database projects and departmental needs, will also detail its recently-announced alliance with appliance maker Pogo Linux and reveal the formal new name of SAP DB, the open source database MySQL acquired from SAP in May.

The fact that so many well-heeled companies are partnering with MySQL signals
their belief in the viability of open-source database products. IBM kicked
the conference news-making today, with its new eServer 325, powered
with the latest Opteron chips.

With Veritas, a company who recently expanded its tendrils from storage
software to server provisioning, Sweden’s MySQL AB will offer a software
plug-in for the vendor’s Cluster Server to help MySQL to provide users greater
system availability and performance.

The Cluster Server aims to shave application downtime and increase
performance by distributing workloads across servers. With the new Veritas
Cluster Server agent for MySQL, organizations can use Cluster Server
software to manage MySQL applications.

MySQL AB will offer the new Cluster Server agent for MySQL Version 3.23 and
higher next month. It will initially run on the Linux platform and will be
extended to the Solaris and HP-UX operating systems later.

MySQL will also demonstrate its wares with several other vendors, led by the
provision of its database on SGI’s Altix 3000 family of servers and
superclusters. Specifically, the Intel Itanium 2-based Altix 3000
supercluster will run MySQL on Linux to power high-performance database

Meanwhile, software vendor CA will show integration between the MySQL
database and its BrightStor ARCserve Back-up software; software maker Arkeia
will demonstrate its network backup software with MySQL database
applications; and Emic Networks, which makes fault tolerance and clustering
software, will air its Emic Application Cluster (EAC) for MySQL.

Available under the free software/open source GNU General Public License
(GPL) or a non-GPL commercial license, MySQL AB’s MySQL server boasts some 4
million installations and over 30,000 downloads per day. Customers include
Yahoo!, Lucent Technologies and Motorola.

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