MySQL Reference Architecture Provisioned

Remember when LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) was enough to run just about anything? Times have changed.

In an effort to help keep up with change, services vendors SkySQL is now out with a new reference architecture for MySQL to help enable modern scalable deployments.

Kaj Arno executive vice president of products at SkySQL, told that the SkySQL Reference Architecture is delivered to SkySQL end customers in the form of a web service. Core open source software components of the Reference Architecture are delivered for free, whereas closed source components and services will require a commercial relationship.

“The reference architecture is a best of breed collection, not the loosely fitting collection of disparate solutions that many production environments end up in, for mere historical reasons,” Arno said. “MySQL is today being deployed together with proper high availability solutions, replication, and appropriate scalability and monitoring.”

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SkySQL Builds MySQL Reference Architecture

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