NetBeans, Tendril Software Integrate IDE, UML Java Tools

NetBeans and Tendril Software this week released their integrated modeling and development solution which enables developers to visually design Unified Modeling Language models for distributed applications inside the Integrated Development Environment.

When changes are made to either the Java source or the UML diagrams, these changes are immediately reflected in the other. Developers are able to rapidly construct, deploy and debug their applications using the leading application servers and CORBA ORBs.

Tendril’s StructureBuilder is a model-based component and application development tool that’s available as a plug-in module for NetBeans Developer 3.0 IDE, which (currently in Beta). Users can download the software from either company’s Web site.

Both products develop applications that are developed in the Java programming language, which allows them to create a seamless, dynamic integration. The features of this
integration include:

  • Model both the static and dynamic elements of an application within the IDE
  • The model and the source code are completely synchronized
  • HTML documentation is available with a mouse click
  • Access diagrams and open packages from inside NetBeans explorer
  • The NetBeans repository allows entire class hierarchies to be accessed and displayed in the model window

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