NetMechanic Helps to Eliminate Browser Incompatibilities

NetMechanic Thursday launched a new browser compatibility service which will indicate how Web pages appear when they are viewed on different computers using different browsers.

Web developers can utilize this free NetMechanic service to design and test a site without the need for dozens of previews. NetMechanic Browser Compatibility can significantly reduce the time to market and while increasing the quality of the design.

The NetMechanic Browser Compatibility utility determines which browser works with each HTML tag, and informs the developer which tags on the page can (or can’t) be utilized. NetMechanic’s new service will also inform the developer of the total percentage of visitors to the site that are unable to see certain tags.

NetMechanic’s database can handle up to 2500 HTML tags and attributes, and continues to accommodate new browsers as they become available. The NetMechanic Browser Compatibility service also supports Cascading Style Sheets, which can typically cause compatibility problems.

To try the service, visit the company’s Web site.

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