NetObjects Announces

NetObjects, Inc. launched this week, an online resource for developers creating both client- and server-side scripts.

The site’s content is targeted at developers looking to add sophisticated animation effects and interactivity, advanced transaction capabilities, and other application functionality to Internet and intranet sites. does not concentrate on any specific scripting language or platform, but rather provides developers a vast, independent reference resource for multiple languages and platforms.

Scripting languages supported include JavaScript, VBScript, JScript, XML, and
LotusScript, as well as Netscape server-side JavaScript (LiveWire) and
Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP).

The site will offer resources to developers who want to create
cross-browser scripts that provide site visitors with an interactive,
personalized user experience. will be supported by industry partners Netscape, Lotus, and WIRED’s Webmonkey, who will provide relevant content and help promote the site.

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