Netscape, ActiveState to Co-Develop Multi-Language Platforms

ActiveState, a
provider of Internet programming software, and Netscape
Wednesday announced a collaboration on the Mozilla project, the open-source
initiative founded by Netscape.

ActiveState will use Mozilla as a
cross-platform development framework for Komodo, its Perl- and
Python-integrated development environment. Komodo is a full-featured
cross-platform and open-sourced professional development environment with
characteristics not traditionally available with current scripting

This purpose of the alliance is to allow Web developers to edit, run and
debug their JavaScript programs in a
professional-class development tool fully oriented to the Web, while
maintaining a close integration with the browser.

The goal of joining Perl and Python with JavaScript as programming
languages in Mozilla is to make it easier for source programmers to use the
Mozilla framework and give Mozilla developers access to additional scripting

By uniting their development efforts, both
firms will have access to richer technology sooner than if they worked
independently, according to Dick
Hardt, chief executive officer of ActiveState.

“Through this alliance, the Mozilla project and its users will be the real
winners,” he said.

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