Netscape Announces Future XML Support in E-Commerce Applications

Netscape Communications Corp. this week announced plans to integrate comprehensive support for XML into its e-commerce applications.

This will allow customers to utilize the benefits of XML to “streamline interoperability between companies to better manage their commerce foundation in the Net Economy.”

Support for XML is key to Netscape’s e-commerce strategy for enabling new cross-company business models. Netscape’s future implementation of XML will support e-commerce transactions, business processes and catalog exchanges. XML-enhanced applications will include Netscape BuyerXpert, Netscape ECXpert, Netscape SellerXpert and Netscape TradingXpert.

The Netscape CommerceXpert solutions will utilize XML to enable the management of cross-company business processes between trading partners. By using XML as the enabling technology, users will be able to integrate ECXpert’s or TradingXpert’s communications features with other processes to create their own e-commerce structure.

The use of XML will allow companies to increase the number of suppliers and customers with which they interact to “expand business relationships, increase catalog content and help drive revenue.”

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