Neuromedia Releases NeuroStudio Bot Tool

Neuromedia Inc. today released
NeuroStudio, a new line of authoring tools and server software that enables non-programmers to develop automated software agents, or “bots,” designed to mimic human service representatives on the Web.

Through the use of these “Virtual Representatives,” a Web page is able to
interactively “chat” with visitors to the site using text, display pictures,
or media clips, and aids them in the navigation of the site. The bots may
be utilized for sales and service tasks that would normally require
personal attention from a member of the staff.

BotSpot, the Internet clearinghouse for
intelligent agent news and information, is permanently showcasing
NeuroStudio products on its home page as an example of “Agent Technology
for the Year 2000.”

NeuroStudio uses an integrated “bot server” to connect the Virtual Rep to
the Web. The bot server enables NeuroStudio to hold simultaneous
independent conversations with users. The server can generate log files
which record what the bot “says” to its Virtual Representatives, and the
replies it produced.

To test out the technology, visit “Shallow Red,” Neuromedia’s own Virtual
Representative. Shallow Red will be glad to discuss Neuromedia’s products
and bot technology, and can be reached at the company Web site.

NeuroStudio is available in three versions. Standard NeuroStudio, which
retails for $339, is designed for personal sites and standalone
development. NeuroStudio Pro, which is targeted at small business,
departmental, educational, or other medium-traffic sites, retails for
$995.00. NeuroStudio Enterprise Server is the scalable solution for
corporate and government use, ISPs, and other high-traffic sites.

Price for NeuroStudio Enterprise Server is based on configuration. For additional information, visit the Neuromedia Web site.

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