New Data Junction Release to Support OLE DB, XML

Data Junction Corporation announced is has added OLE DB and XML interfaces to the upcoming release of Data Junction 6.5, the company’s popular data transformation tool.

With the addition of an XML interface, Data Junction users will be able to
publish the data from hundreds of structured data formats directly to the Web.
Additionally, the metadata may be converted to XML, and database developers
can access this data through Web browsers.

Data Junction features an intuitive graphical user interface that allows the
user to utilize a multi-platform conversion engine that automates all aspects
of data migration, transformation, integration between applications,
loading of data warehouses, and Y2K conversions.

With this release, Data Junction is hoping to reach non-SQL and legacy data
users who are developing Web-based applications.

For additional information about Data Junction 6.5 and its support of XML and OLE DB, visit the Data Junction Corporation Web site.

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