New Linux Kernel Boasts Speed, Efficiency Gains

The new Linux 2.6.35 kernel owes much to Google. Thanks to contributions from the search heavyweight and open source advocate, the new kernel comes with a pair of features that aim to spread the load of incoming network traffic.

The 2.6.35 release is also the first kernel in which Linux creator Linus Torvalds is actively attempting to reduce bloat by limiting the number of changes. Linux Planet has the details on the new kernel.

Linux creator Linus Torvalds has released the new Linux 2.6.35 kernel, providing users of the open source operating system with new networking capabilities and performance enhancements, along with filesystem improvements.

Chief among improvements in the new 2.6.35 Linux kernel are incoming network traffic load-spreading features: Receive Packet Steering (RPS) and Receive Flow Steering (RFS), which aim to improve performance. Both enhancements were contributed by search engine giant Google.

Read the full story at Linux Planet:

Linux 2.6.35 Includes Speedy Google Code, Less Bloat

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