New Release Improves Tcat Server Performance

Server administrators are always looking for ways to improve their app server performance. Mulesoft, the developer of the Tcat Server (based on the open source Tomcat Java app server) says it has addressed just such a need in its latest release.

As reports, the latest Tcat Server release comes as the Tomcat ecosystem itself continues to evolve with a new open source Apache Tomcat 7 server now available as a beta release.

Software vendor MuleSoft is updating its Tcat Java server this week with new performance and security capabilities. Tcat is based on the widely deployed Apache Tomcat Java Web application server.

With Tcat Server 6 R4, MuleSoft is including new administrative dashboards and alerting capabilities to help improve and monitor system performance. Security gets a boost in the new release with an enhanced permissions system.

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Tcat Server Improves Tomcat Performance, Supports Tomcat 7

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