New Tool Takes Site “Snapshots”

Web Site Garage this week announced the release of Browser Snapshot, an online tool that enables developers to take “snapshots” of their Web site using 18 different browsers and platforms.

Browser Snapshot allows users to see exactly how their Web site will appear on Mac and PC platforms, three different versions of Netscape and Microsoft
browsers, and three different screen sizes.

The product is designed to take 18 different screen shots of a site, showing site developers how their site is viewed by other users–regardless of what browser or platform they are using.

Web Site Garage charges users a one-time usage fee of $9.99 to view their site, or $99.99 for a one-year Browser Snapshot license. Web Site Garage said results are ready within the hour, and are accessible via a user-friendly format.

For more information about Browser Snapshot, or the other site maintenance
tools that Web Site Garage provides, visit the company’s Web site.

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