New Ubuntu Linux CEO Aims High With Lucid Lynx

It’s an exciting and complex time for the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution: Canonical, Ubuntu’s lead commercial sponsor, has a new CEO, Jane Silber. The distro is set to release its next long-term support (LTS) edition, Lucid Lynx — a key edition for the enterprise market. And then there’s Ubuntu’s sweeping brand overhaul to manage.

Clearly, Ubuntu has its work cut out for it. With the cloud becoming increasingly important for enterprise IT buyers and consumers alike, making sure that the Linux distro is doing everything it can to position itself for success on both the client and cloud server sides is critical.

But Silber has some very definite ideas of where the distro needs to go to succeed, and in the near term, about the benefits of Ubuntu’s upcoming Lucid Lynx release. ServerWatch has the story.

Canonical, the lead commercial sponsor behind the Ubuntu Linux project, has a new CEO this week. Jane Silber, the former chief operating officer of the company, has now officially taken the reins from Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth — and is already talking up what’s ahead for the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution.

In mid-December, Canonical announced that Shuttleworth would be shifting roles at the company he started to better deal with technical and community issues within Ubuntu.

Read the full story at ServerWatch:

Canonical CEO Elucidates on Lucid Lynx Linux Server

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