New Wireless Push Technology Library Opens

Openwave Systems Tuesday opened its WAP Push Library – Java Edition 1.0, a new free site where mobile developers can get resources on push technology.

The Redwood City, Calif.-based company specializes in open IP-based communication infrastructure software and applications. Openwave’s Push technology is standards-based and used in mobile applications, including multimedia messaging service (MMS), instant messaging, auctions, and innovative multi-user games.

Open to all Openwave developers, the site contains multiple online discussion groups moderated by Openwave’s developer support staff where developers can discuss industry issues and share tips and tricks for mobile Internet development.

The library is a collection of Java object classes and tools that abstract the WAP Push Access Protocol (PAP) so that wireless application developers can more easily develop applications that use the powerful features of a WAP 1.2-compliant Openwave Push Proxy Gateway. The company says standards-based push technology offers application developers and communications service providers (CSPs) enormous opportunities to improve existing applications and introduce compelling, interactive mobile applications that deliver a rich and satisfying end-user experience.

Combined with other applications, such as location-based services, Push becomes a powerful way of providing users with valuable, highly relevant information that goes beyond simple text to include images, sound, WML , and/or MIME content. For instance, popular travel sites might take advantage of Push with mobile applications designed to alert traveling subscribers of visitor information such as restaurant ratings and tourist site locations. With Push, a clickable alert can be sent to the end-user, who will have the option of getting more detailed information with just a few clicks.

For example, one user could receive an alert on a mobile phone that says, “Instant message from Molly: u coming soon? Click here to enter chat,” and then going to that chat room.

“Push technology brings the best mobile applications, such as multimedia messaging and mobile instant messaging, to the end user.” said Openwave vice president of developer marketing Gina Centoni. “Now developers can use the Openwave WAP Push Library to offer carriers exciting interactive applications which are driving worldwide mobile adoption and usage.”

Openwave said its Push Proxy Gateway also lets developers use one interface, the Push Access Protocol (PAP), to send push content to the widest range of target devices. Push Proxy Gateway supports WAP 1.2.1 compliant handsets and provides backwards compatibility to Openwave Mobile Browser version 4.x supporting earlier push technology and text-only SMS (short message service) based handsets. The company said the Gateway simplifies application development by automatically translating push content according to handset capabilities.

The company said developers can also use the push-enabled phone simulators in the Openwave SDK 5 to test push applications written with the WAP Push Library.

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