Novell Issues New SUSE Linux Appliance Toolkit

Novell has issued the first major update to its in-house Linux appliance building program since the beginning of the year. The SUSE Appliance Toolkit 1.1 offers integration with Amazon’s cloud-based Web services, as well as support for virtualization technologies.

Novell is billing the release of the new SUSE Appliance Toolkit as a twin victory for both developer ISVs and enterprises, and plans to cull feedback from its many customers and partners as it moves toward its next release, likely in the first half of 2011. DevX has the details.

Novell is expanding the capabilities of its SUSE Appliance Toolkit for building and maintaining Linux-based software appliances. The new SUSE Appliance Toolkit 1.1 release adds a menu of new deployment options for Linux, including Amazon EC2, and includes new network booting and KVM virtualization capabilities.

The SUSE Appliance Toolkit 1.1 release is the first major update to Novell’s on-premises Linux appliance building program following the initial release in January of this year. The new toolkit release comes as Novell continues to push its appliance-building technologies and partnerships with cloud vendors, including Amazon and VMware.

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Novell Expands Linux Appliance Toolkit

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