Open Source Fog Looks to Drive Ruby in the Cloud

Fog may have started as a hobby, but for creator Wesley Beary, who now works as an engineer with commercial sponsor Engine Yard, the project is evolving rapidly.

But that’s all changed now. Engine Yard has announced formal support for the Fog project, aiming to spur Ruby and Ruby on Rails deployments in the cloud through new levels of interoperability. has the story.

The current state of the cloud does not provide clear interoperability for all types of application development languages or frameworks. But for open source Ruby developers, the Fog project is now offering a path to help navigate through issues of cloud interoperability.

This week, commercial Ruby on Rails platform vendor Engine Yard announced formal support for Fog, providing new stability and resources for the open source effort. With Fog, the goal is to help accelerate cloud development by abstracting away the differences among various cloud technologies.

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Fog Aims to Advance Ruby in the Cloud

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