Open Source Mobile Apps Weak on Compliance

Does the open source mobile community have a compliance problem?

It just might, according to a new survey from OpenLogic, an open source services vendor.

In a scan of 635 free and premium apps on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms, OpenLogic found that 71 percent were not in compliance.

But as more and more companies outside of the technology sphere gravitate to the mobile platform with new apps, the lack of compliance with licensing regimes such as the GPL and Apache may be par for the course.

“The lack of compliance was not all that surprising to us,” said Kim Weins, senior vice president of products and marketing at OpenLogic. “Developers and companies often don’t have a complete picture of their open source usage or how to comply with the licenses.”

Linux Planet takes a look.

Read the full story at LinuxPlanet:

Are Mobile Apps Violating Open Source Licenses?

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