Opera Adds ‘Undo’, Kiosk in 7.21 Releases

Norway-based Opera Software on Tuesday released new versions of its
alternative Web browser for the Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris

On the heels on last week’s rollout of the Opera Platform for mobile operators, the company launched final versions of Opera 7.21 browser with new power-browsing features and the reintroduction of the ‘Kiosk’ mode for use in computer labs and libraries.Also new in Opera 7.21 is the ‘Undo’ feature (Ctrl+Z) that allows users to recall Web pages that are closed by mistake. The ‘Undo’ feature is a nifty addition to Opera’s tabbed-browsing functionality that lets users open multiple Web pages within a single browser session.

“If users now close a window by mistake, it’s easy to recall by referring to the “Closed” window history list now added to the menu or using a keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Z,” Opera explained.

Opera’s Kiosk mode, which was previously available in Opera 6, is a
customizable browser setting to limit functionality, blocking menus,
preventing downloads, or adjusting other system preferences. It is
particularly useful as a secure way to Opera’s restrict access appropriate for computer labs, libraries and other kiosk providers, the company said.

The company recently debuted a new version of its power-browser for Apple’s Mac OS X 10.3 platform. Opera 6.03 will be compliant with the yet-to-be-released OS and is seen as Opera’s effort to stay alive on the Mac platform. Apple’s new Safari browser, which is based on the KDE Project’s KHTML code, has already taken a page from Opera’s book with the addition of power-browsing features like tabbed page-switching and AutoFill.

While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to dominate the overall Web browser market, Opera is reporting increased interest in its products. The company, which offers a free browser alongside an ad-free $39 option, has counted a record 10 million downloads from its home page.

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