Oracle8i To Include interMedia, iFS, and XML Support

Oracle Corp. this week announced new
products and support for leading Internet technologies.

Oracle8i interMedia and Oracle iFS will now support the exTensible Markup
Language , enabling the software to handle the most demanding
media-rich Internet applications. By using Oracle8i, organizations will be
able to centrally manage their intranet and e-commerce systems’ content.

Oracle believes these technologies will provide enterprise Internet
applications with the security, administrative controls, performance, and
scalability that enterprise developers demand.

Oracle iFS will utilize XML for data parsing, data rendering, and document
type definitions. Oracle’s interMedia text management services enable users
to search and view XML documents and provide developers with flexibility in
application development. Oracle plans to extend these capabilities to
provide greater support for XML in future versions of iFS and interMedia.

Many application providers are developing their media solutions with these
Oracle8i technologies, including LivePicture Inc., Macromedia Corp.,
RealNetworks Inc., Bulldog Systems Inc., Cascade Systems Corp., Katz
Digital Technologies Inc., Magnifi Inc., Quark Corp., Rourke Data Corp.,
Signafy Inc., and Virage, Inc.

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