OZ.com Announces Fluid3D Streaming Animation Tool

OZ.COM (formerly OZ
Interactive) this week announced Fluid3D, its visual communications system
which enables developers to create and deploy broadcast-quality, streaming
3D animation on the Web. The product is integrated with RealNetworks’ RealPlayer G2 and is the first
to allow the streaming broadcast of 3D animation using the RealPlayer.

Using Fluid3D, designers can deliver 3D animation to users of RealPlayer at
connection speeds as low as 28.8 kilobits per second while maintaining the
quality and performance associated with typical high-end professional
broadcasting. By combining 3D animation with SMIL-based media, a designer
is able to create long-form 3D animation with synchronized RealAudio.

Fluid3D enables artists to use 3D modeling tools such as Kinetix 3D Studio
MAX or Avid SOFTIMAGE 3D to create the animations. Support for other 3D
authoring tools and formats will be added to the procuct in the coming
weeks. 3D animation that is created in these applications can be saved
directly to Fluid3D’s binary file format.

Fluid3D uses a highly compressed binary format to store the geometry and
textures used to render “real-time” 3D on a PC. This proprietary format
utilizes a compression technology which delivers up to seven times the
compression of GZIP.

The Fluid3D system consists of three components for the playback, delivery,
and authoring of 3D Web animation:

  • Fluid3D for RealPlayer G2 –
    this is the free client-side renderer which provides real-time 3D
    functionality to RealPlayer G2
  • Fluid3D for RealServerG2 – this is the
    server-side plug-in for RealServer G2 that adds support for streaming 3D
  • Fluid3D Content Exporters – this is the free content exporter plug-in
    that enables 3D authors to use their favorite authoring environment to
    create the Fluid3D segments

This beta release of Fluid3D for RealPlayer G2 will be available from the
RealNetworks Web site by early January.
Pricing of Fluid3D for RealServer G2 will be provided at the time of the
final release.

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