Perl Builder: First Visual IDE for Perl

Solutionsoft today announced it is shipping Perl Builder, the first integrated development environment (IDE) for the Perl programming language.

Perl Builder itself runs on Windows 95 or NT, however, the scripts created can be used on UNIX or any other platform that supports the Perl language.

Perl Builder’s integrated editor/debugger offers Perl developers an
environment that is similar to leading Windows programming tools such as
Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Delphi. Features include color syntax
highlighting, a full suite of debugging commands (breakpoints, watches,
single step, etc) and “tool tip” variable inspection.

The CGI Wizard is a code generator that automates the development of Perl
CGI scripts and makes it possible for even non-technical users to create
powerful scripts without programming. Dynamic HTML output, automated e-mail
messages, and field validation algorithms can be designed visually.

Perl developers can modify the code generated by the CGI Wizard, and the
modifications will be retained even if the Wizard is reused. This makes it
easy for developers to update scripts to conform with changes to a
Web site’s design.

CGI Simulation makes it possible for developers to test and debug scripts
within Perl Builder’s IDE. By eliminating the need for developers to test
every change made to CGI scripts on a Web server, Perl Builder accelerates
the development process and makes it easy to rapidly prototype Web

The product is available now for electronic purchase and download from
Solutionsoft’s site. A free 30-day evaluation copy of Perl Builder can also be downloaded.

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