Pervasive Software Announces Tango 2000 Development Studio

Pervasive Software Inc. Wednesday announced the expected shipping date for Tango 2000, its next-generation development studio which will provide developers with the ability to easily create Web-based applications.

The upcoming release of the Tango 2000 visual development studio includes full COM object and JavaBean support, allowing developers to drag and drop objects (with business code already included) directly into their application files–without having to know the underlying syntax. Additionally, the functionality of Tango 2000 has been increased with the inclusion of the Tango Web Analyzer. The Tango Web Analyzer allows the real-time monitoring of Web site traffic flow in hourly, daily, weekly or monthly increments.

According to marketing research by the Aberdeen Group, Tango 2000 will allow developers to create applications in less than half the time it would take using other solutions. They also concluded that Tango 2000 increases application performance, rapid development, cost-effective administration and the robustness of the resulting application.

Tango 2000 includes a host of new features, including:

  • Tango Class Files, which allow developers to save Tango code as objects for re-use in other applications; Tango Class Files are available through the object tab just as other object types, like COM and JavaBeans
  • Tango Web Analyzer, which enables Web site personalization and marketing by tracking unique and repeat visitors and mapping Web site traffic flow
  • Object Extensibility enables developers to visualize objects within the Tango Development Studio and integrate business objects and functionality that exist outside of the Tango development environment
  • User Defined Tags allow developers to extend Tangos built-in meta tags by referencing logic defined in JavaScript or in supported object types
  • Full XML Implementation enables XML to be treated as a data type inside Tango for manipulation of structured data; Tango Application Files are saved in an XML format, allowing developers to edit or create Tango Application Files outside of the Tango environment.

Pervasive believes that the Tango Development Studio is “one of the most efficient visual programming environments available for designing, building and testing Web applications.” The Tango Application Server allows scalable, cross-platform deployment on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. The suite includes a copy of the Pervasive.SQL workstation database, robust reporting functionality, along with full support for leading databases and industry standards, includinjg ODBC, HTML, XML, SQL, HTTP, CGI, JavaScript, JavaBeans and COM objects.

Tango 2000 is scheduled to ship in September.

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