Pervasive Software Releases New Application Server for Linux

Pervasive Software Inc. (PVSW)
Tuesday released its Tango 2000 Application Server for the open-source Linux

Versions of the application server product for Red Hat Linux,
Caldera OpenLinux and SuSE Linux are expected to be available for shipping
by year end.

The Tango 2000 Application Server for Linux scales applications ranging
from those of small business to those of large enterprise, and the server
architecture supports multiplatform clustering and failover capabilities.
The product also includes self-monitoring tools to support server
reliability and availability.

Tango 2000 is a next-generation development studio designed to
dramatically improve the amount of time necessary to develop and deploy
critical e-business applications. The product enables developers to create
and deploy the dynamic, database-driven Web applications that today’s
customers require &#0151 quickly, cost-effectively and with remarkable
flexibility, according to a statement issued by Pervasive.

Tango 2000’s
sophisticated yet easy-to-use technology has an open, extensible
architecture, and the product provides best-of-breed Web development
capabilities for users with varying skill levels.

Pervasive first entered the Linux market in October 1999 when it shipped
Pervasive.SQL Server for Linux. The Pervasive.SQL 2000 database engine is
included in the Tango 2000 Application Server for Linux. It provides
developers with a low-cost, zero-administration and robust deployment
solution for Web and e-business applications, a statement issued by
Pervasive said.

In addition to integrating with Pervasive.SQL 2000, the
Tango 2000 Application Server can connect directly to Oracle and other
leading databases through ODBC drivers &#0151 even if the databases reside
on different platforms. Indirect access to most other databases is also
enabled through Java.

Pervasive is currently accepting orders for the Tango 2000 Application
Server for Linux. Versions are available for Red Hat Linux 5.2 and higher,
Caldera OpenLinux 2.2 and higher, and SuSE Linux 6.1 and higher.

The product
is priced from $1,295 for the Small Business Edition, to $25,000 for the
Corporate Edition for an entire cluster.

A trial version of the Tango 2000
Application Server for Linux, as well as pricing information for Solaris,
Windows NT and Macintosh versions, can be found on
Pervasive’s Web site.

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