PLATINUM technology Announces Cosmo PageFX for Interactive Sites

PLATINUM technology this week announced the release of Cosmo PageFX, software which enables Web designers to apply 3D features including depth, motion and interactivity to images and type on Web pages.

Cosmo PageFX allows developers to add interactive ad banners, information tickers, headlines and logos to their Web site. PLATINUM believes that these will capture and hold their visitors’ attentions if they are presented in 3D.
Since Cosmo PageFX features tools similar to those designers are already using, no background in 3D or animation is required.

Cosmo PageFX was initially developed by Cosmo Software, which was recently acquired by PLATINUM technology.

The software is packed with key features which allow developers to create 3D content:

  • Provides flexible control over depth, size and rotation or images, type
    and shapes
  • Uses familiar graphic design tools and methods to Web site designers so
    no extra training is necessary
  • Provides a rich feature set that is powerful enough for experienced Web
  • Produces compact vector files optimized for rapid downloading and viewing
  • Generates VRML 2.0, the open standard for 3D Web graphics
  • Automatically creates 3D type from typeface outlines
  • Utilizes and includes PLATINUM technology’s Cosmo Player for the rapid viewing of dynamic Web graphics
  • Includes a clip art library containing images, shapes, textures and sounds

For additional information or to download a demo, visit the Cosmo Software Web site.

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