PowerBBS Releases Delphi2Java/VB2Java Professional Toolkit

PowerBBS Computing this week released the Delphi2Java/VB2Java Professional Toolkit, a language conversion suite designed to meet the needs of serious Visual Basic/Delphi developers looking to move their applications to Java.

PowerBBS included consulting as a part of the complete package, making
the Toolkit a viable, strategic solution for migrating VB/Delphi
applications to Java. Many new features have been added since the initial
release of the Delphi2Java Professional Toolkit, including:

  • VB2Java and Delphi2Java Database products.
  • The ability to configure the migration tool to convert routines and controls that are not supported internally.
  • Support for output using both JDK 1.02 and JDK 1.1.
  • Complete Java d2j package source code.
  • Five hours of consulting.
  • The option to automatically create smart Java resolution independent forms.

The Delphi2Java/VB2Java Professional Toolkit even features the ability to
develop your own conversion routines. This enables developers to create their own custom conversion handling for procedure/function calls.

The Delphi2Java/VB2Java Professional Toolkit retails for $799 and may be
purchased from the PowerBBS Computing Web site. For additional information,
visit the PowerBBS Web site, or e-mail [email protected].

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