PowerTV Integrates Product With PersonalJava

PowerTV, a
software solutions developer for digital interactive cable TV, this week announced it
had integrated Sun Microsystems’ PersonalJava technology with its set-top
box system software.

This integration provides PowerTV with the capability to license its
technology directly to OEMs and cable operators.

The licensing agreement will provide cable operators with a direct link
to Java technology and a wide variety of Java-enabled interactive
applications in the digital cable environment, a statement issued by PowerTV

The addition of Java TV APIs to PowerTV’s system software is designed to
help speed the delivery of interactive applications to digital cable
television. For example, once an application is written in PersonalJava
language, it can run on any platform that uses Java technology. This will
enable cable operators to offer subscribers the applications they are
familiar with in PC and Internet environments on their digital cable

By adding Java technology to PowerTV’s system software, application
developers will have a flexible, open platform that supports various “write
once, run anywhere” interactive applications, such as Intertainer’s
entertainment on demand services, a statement issued by the company noted.

Founded in 1994, PowerTV designs set-top box operating system and
applications platform for broadband networks. Based on open standards, the
company’s technology leverages Internet protocols that allow Web content and
services to be used on television. Services will include electronic program
guides, e-mail, video-on-demand, e-commerce, interactive advertising, and
personalized information. The company will also provide the SofaSOFT suite
of Internet-based digital cable services.

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