Python 3.2 Debuts With Improved Multithreading

Python is pressing ahead with its 3.x series of releases, delivering Python 3.2 to the community, with a heavy focus on multithreading and concurrency.

“From our perspective, Python 3.2’s support for writing multithreaded applications, points to better parallelism and wider adoption for Python in the financial and scientific sectors,” said Diane Mueller, director of enterprise product management at ActiveState. “Python is already a key player in the Web frameworks arena and we see Python as an essential part of any Cloud stack deployment.”

Additionally, the release offers a stable ABI so that developers who build for version 3.2 will also be assured that their modules will be compatible with future versions of the language. The absence of a stable ABI had slowed migration to Python 3.

Python 3.2 is also the first that does not have a corresponding version in the 2.x series. has the full breakdown of Python 3.2.

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Python 3.2 Improves Multithreading, Awaits 2.x Adopters

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