Resource Center Created For New Windows OS

Microsoft fans looking to scope out the next version of Windows can do so on
online resource center Inc beginning Monday.

Dubbed Whistler, the pending version of the popular operating system can be
given a test drive at the new Whistler-Savvy Developer Center
where articles, discussion groups led by experts,
downloads and more are featured to help developers become acquainted with
the new OS. There is also the all-too-important “Report A Bug” section for
those developers to work on pesky quirks in the system.

Created in tandem Microsoft’s Windows Desktop Evangelism Group, the
Whistler-Savvy Developer Center allows developers to give
feedback to Microsoft about the beta version and their experiences with it,
which is key for the software giant in determining how to please its users
in a climate where Linux is growing steadily more popular.

David Ohara, manager of PC Experience Evangelism for Microsoft, said getting
developers up to speed about Whistler will help them create a better product
and most likely speed its adoption.

“Access to this crucial developer audience is imperative — not only for
their feedback about the new operating system, but also because they will
lead the migration to it,” O’Hara said.

The Whistler-Savvy center is not the first site DevX and the software giant
have worked on together. DevX also ushered in a demo site built for
Microsoft’s messaging platform, Exchange 2000® in October.

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