RosettaNet Puts Developer Tools Library Online

Looking to speed up the acceptance and implementation of RosettaNet
standards, the non-profit consortium on Friday announced its Developer Tools
Library would be made available to the general public at no cost.

RosettaNet, an independent e-business standards consortium, said the online
repository of community tools — including software developer kits, version
migration tools and testing suites — would be available at a special section on its
home page.

Among the first to be hosted are the RosettaNet Ready Software Developer
Tool Kit and the Intel Architecture Software Developer Kit for RosettaNet,
the group said.

The Intel Architecture Software Development Kit for RosettaNet (IA SDK for
RosettaNet) is described as a software that helps developers build
applications that allows small- to medium-sized companies to exchange
business transactions electronically. Several built-in features make the
technology easy-to-use and cost-effective for the developer, RosettaNet

The IA SDK for RosettaNet, which is designed as a module, includes source
code for the creation of applications that work with RosettaNet standards,
as well as extended support to additional back-end data sources, additional
PIPs and communication protocols. It supports RNIF 1.1, Windows
2000, as well as PIPs 3A4, 3B2, 3C3, 3A7, 3C4 and 0A1.

RosettaNet said the developer and installation guides take the developer
through all of the components needed to design easy-to-use and
easy-to-maintain solutions.

The group, which is self-funded, said the library of tools would provide
users with complete access to the Self-Test Kit Application and its Source
Code, PIP Test Scripts, Test Script Generator and support documentation.
“The source code and tools are designed to assist in the future development
of RNIF 2.0-compliant software products, trading partner readiness testing
and interoperability services,” RosettaNet said.

“Over the past year and a half, RosettaNet adoption and implementation has
grown dramatically throughout the high technology sector on a worldwide
basis. As the standard becomes more deeply integrated into company trading
networks, implementation tools and services are critical to the continued
acceleration of e-business exchanges,” said RosettaNet Chief Executive Jennifer Hamilton

“Tools such as the RosettaNet Ready Software Developer Tool Kit and the
Intel Architecture Software Development Tool Kit for RosettaNet are the
first of many enablers being contributed to the community so that this
widespread adoption for all sized enterprises across the globe will continue
its impressive pace,” she added.

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