Ruby on Java to Get a Boost With JRuby 1.6

With the next version of JRuby, developers can expect an array of improvements. JRuby 1.6, now available as a release candidate, promises to deliver enhanced compatibility with Microsoft Windows, as well as stronger integration with Ruby on Rails.

The latest version of the Java implementation of the Ruby language is the first to support Ruby 1.9.2., the most recent release. Support for Ruby 1.9.2 was a central pillar of the development of the latest JRuby release, according to project lead Thomas Enebo.

Looking ahead, JRuby aims to deliver expanded support for APIs in the upcoming Java 7, on which is on track for a release around mid-year. takes a look under the hood at JRuby 1.6.

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JRuby 1.6 Advances Ruby on Java

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